Add These Activities to Your Camping Experience

Astronomy, Camping, Metal Detecting, Photography, Portable

By: Mark Gibson(N4MQU)

Staunton River State Park entrance sign















What activities can you do while you are camping?   There are the usual things you do, hiking, exploring, bird watching, singing around the campfire, playing board games, listening shortwave radio… ? Metal detecting…? Watching satellites..? Astronomy.? How about seeing how many other people you can talk to in other parks or states. That’s exactly what I did Labor Day weekend 2021. 

Tips on Using Non Automatic Lenses



Cannon T5i body

Use auto for ISO. Why it seemed to work.  Trying to switch from the ISO did not work but when I switched to auto it worked. I learned from a retired professional photographer current with the new technology on cameras, using  the older lenses with the camera the camera will still be able detect the proper ISO. 

I will also be working on taking pictures of small cities at night.  This will make me use my limited photography skills to the max.

SWL at the Local Park


I am taking a look at the hobby of Short Wave Radio Listening (SWL) with fresh perspective and a new radio.  

Tecsun H-501x

So far I have enjoyed the features of the radio.  Rich stereo sound, direct digital entry of frequencies two tuning knobs one for regular tuning the other for fine tuning. I heard radio Cuba on 15140 kHz. I also heard I think was FT8 on 14075. I also heard someone preaching on several different frequencies along with non English stations throughout the bands. I will enjoy learning more about this radio.  Be careful where you order it from to make sure you get the rechargeable batteries and charger.  I ordered mine from for $298 plus about $20 shipping.  I ordered it Sunday night and received it Wednesday.  Be sure to check out the YouTube reviews.




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